keep a journal 

Schedules are such an  part of a little one's life. They allow us to have consistency and prepare for what is happening next. Little ones really so well with schedules and so do parents. Not only is having a schedule good for our little ones, it is great for us. We have an idea of what is going to happen and when it's going to happen. 

Practice New skills during the day 

Oftentimes sleep regressions coincide with infants learning new skills. When it's time for sleep the little one's brain is still going and they want to continue to work on the skill until they master it. It is important to practice the new skills during the day as much as possible to help prevent sleep changes

Establish a schedule

It is so important to keep a journal or a log of the day. This comes in handy when your sleep training or trying to establish a routine. They don't have to be super detailed if you don't want them to be and can just be short notes. A journal will allow you to see the common things that happen, when they happen, and what happens after. It is impossible to remember exactly what happened and exact times. When you write them down and keep a log you're able to see the patterns forming. You'll basically have an outline of your day and your baby's schedule at your fingertips. There are so many awesome apps for things like this that make it so much easier!