Car Seat Sleepers

With the holiday coming up and lots of people traveling I’ve received a bunch of questions about car seat sleeping and it’s safety. 

Car seat sleeping is safe when baby is in the car the seat is at the level it should be. When car seats are properly installed, a car seat nap is safe! Once the car seat is out of the car sleeping in the car seat is no longer recommended or safe and baby should be transferred to a safe sleep space.

It’s important to check in with a CPST to make sure your car seat is properly installed and baby is strapped in correctly. You can usually find a CPST at your local first aid squad. Make sure to stop every 1 to 2 hours, take baby out, and stretch your legs too! Not only is that the recommendation for little ones it is the recommendation for adults too! Happy sleeping and happy travels! 

Now let's talk about car seats and winter wear. Winter jackets, big puffy jackets like the one pictured below, should NOT be worn in the car seat. Snowsuits are another thing that should NOT be worn in the car seat. Your little one will not be buckled in safely if they are wearing winter jacket or snow suit.

This is a link to an article which shows what can potentially happen to your little one if they are wearing their winter jacket in their car seat.

If you're worried about your little one being cold in the car there are ways around keeping their jackets on. There are awesome carseat covers for little ones, special blankets for toddlers, and devices that redirect the heat to the back seat. Some of our favorite products are shown below! 

You can click on the pictures to take you directly to their link! Happy Shopping! 

Car Seat Cover

Car Seat Cover

Get heat to the back seat

Warm "poncho" that's safe to go under car seat straps.

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Happy Sleeping ! 💤