Bedtime Potty

Go potty during the bedtime routine and call it “bedtime potty.” You are going to try and prepare for the possibility of your little one saying “I need to go potty” when you put her in her crib. By calling it “bedtime potty” and saying “this is your last potty before bedtime” will help prevent the potty questions at bedtime. The same thing goes for a snack or drink, before bed you have a “bedtime snack” or “bedtime drink.”

MOnster Spray 

This may sound silly but it really works. Whenever a child has a fear of monsters, monster spray can do the trick. You can decorate a spray bottle with them and tell them what it is going to be used for. When kids help with decorating the spray bottle they feel more in control and more aware of what’s going to happen. When they are all done tell them “great job, now they are all gone.” Then you can move on to the next part of your bedtime routine. 

Toddler Stop Light

Toddler stop lights work wonders ! When the light is red it is time for bed, and when it’s green it’s time to wake up. Most kids like to stay in bed while the light is red, and can’t wait for it to turn green in the morning. It’s like a little game for them.

Reward Charts

I highly recommend setting up a reward/sticker chart if your little one is at an age where they can understand rewards. You really want to make a big deal about good behavior to create a positive experience about the new rules. Even if your little one didn’t fall asleep on his/her own or he/she needed a little help the night before always find something positive to praise him/her for. You can even give them a sticker for trying. Some parents have two different types of stickers, one for when they try and one type for when they succeed.